pink desert

I walked around the walled-in boundaries of Copiapo, in the desert of Northern Chile, and seen from the barren landscape through squinted eyes, this place resembled a medieval, fortified city. The streets and the houses, only a few meters away from where I walked, looked as lifeless as the inhospitable scenery surrounding it.

Many people say this is one of Chile´s ugliest cities. I photographed its ever-expanding periphery in stereoscopy. You can look at these photos with, or without anaglyph glasses. Without glasses, the desert seems to have turned into pink, toxic yogurt. With glasses the hyper-3D effect might give you a headache.

Either way, what started all this is how I wondered what “landscape” means in a time when tangible reality seems to be increasingly overshadowed by its virtual counterpart, where there is no place for the bad and the ugly.

So, here’s the gritty real, in glorious 3D.

(project ongoing)